Bigger than Halo? (Destiny)

by kapowaz, Friday, August 01, 2014, 00:49 (3582 days ago) @ Cody Miller

A rumored PC version next year is merely icing on the cake.

This is kind of one of those areas I'd like Bungie to be a little more open about, simply because of the investment required to play Destiny on PS4.

There's the cost of the PS4, and the cost of PSN+. If that could have been avoided and I could have gotten a PC version, I'd have been happier. If a PC version is announced shortly I might be an unhappy camper.

Prepare yourself…!

I've already started musing on this; I splashed the cash on a PS4 which I might not have done otherwise (ah who am I kidding? The Last Of Us Remastered sold me on getting one).

The bigger issue for me is in choosing which network you're going to invest in, socially; you can't bring your friends with you to PC from PS4 unless they choose to start from scratch again and happen to own a PC.

But no doubt about it, not mentioning a PC version at all has to be part of Sony's big PS4 sales pitch. They know that a certain number of people will buy a PS4 just to play Destiny, and the chance that it'll come out on PC later only damages sales in the mid-term.

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