Bigger than Halo? (Destiny)

by electricpirate @, Friday, August 01, 2014, 07:41 (3582 days ago) @ narcogen

It'd have to be significantly worse than Halo (or at least significantly worse than something it's competing against) not to be.

At its best, Halo games launched on a single console platform generation at a time, with PC ports only coming years later for certain games in the series, sometimes with weird OS restrictions.

Destiny is launching day and date on four different consoles. They can have a significantly lower attach rate than Halo on any or all of those individual platforms and still sell as much as an average Halo title. If they were to achieve a similar attach rate on one or more of those platforms, I think they'd have a good run at doing as well or better as the best-selling entries in the Halo series.

A rumored PC version next year is merely icing on the cake.

No matter who you are, new IP is hard, and hitting square between console generations is hard. I mean, do we compare Destiny's first release sales with the first Halo's sales as a new IP (~7 mil), or with the high water mark of Halo 3? (~11 mil)

If destiny hits 10 million in it's first iteration it will be a pretty huge success, as it will have a ton of room to grow. If it hits the high end of the scale at 20 million for a new IP it will be basically unprecedented.

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