Bungie storytellers

by Xenos @, Shores of Time, Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 20:45 (2671 days ago) @ GrimBrother One

I definitely think the perfect mix would be a mix between Mass Effect and Eve Online with a little bit more of the fun that Halo's story had (I thought Halo lost the subtle lightheartedness with Halo 4). Mass Effect has a rich story with us being able to impact the story in major ways which I think with the universe of Destiny they could definitely pull off. That being said I do not want all the "story" coming from the players like in Eve Online. Eve is fun because of the politics and game world, but there is not really an epic story going on quite like Mass Effect or Halo, which I think would be sad to lose.

And I don't think we will, this quote from the Polygon article about Bungie tends to suggest they want to TELL an impacting story:

"Another one is ... we're working on not just big games or big interactive entertainment. We're working on big entertainment, period. I want people to be able to think about what we're working on next and put it on the same shelf of great memories as they put Star Wars or Raiders of the Lost Ark or Lord of the Rings. Hopefully we can create that kind of thing. That's why we're storytellers. Everybody here is a storyteller. If we can create a great story and a whole bunch of people get excited about it and we make a difference in the world and people put us on the same shelves with the best of entertainment that they've ever had, that would be amazing. That would be amazing. I would like that a lot."


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