Canon Fodder

by Chewbaccawakka @, The Great Green Pacific Northwest!, Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 20:50 (2668 days ago) @ GrimBrother One

I, for one, hope that Destiny falls somewhere between ME and EVE. Knowing Bungie, I can't imagine that they would leave everything up to the players in terms of story and lore. But a lot of what they've been teasing about Destiny's story (time-sensitive events, psuedo-persistent world, other stuff), suggests to me that some, if not several, of the game "stories" will be left in the hands of their loyal acolytes.

I love the idea of player driven stories built around the framework of a fully-realized universe. Set piece moments that, depending on how you play, effect the story for everyone as we all follow our ten-year Destiny.

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