A Map of our Last City

by Axelrod vK, NC, USA, Saturday, May 11, 2013, 20:45 (3989 days ago)

Hello again all, 30 days until e3!

This post is heavily referencing an in-game Destiny screenshot of the Last City in the recent GameInformer. Sadly I cannot post this, but you guys should check it out its a great article. This post is a continuation of this thread.


This real-life map from 1904 was found on Wikipedia after a quick search. It is a match to the background of the slides from the GDC. A compass symbol already used by Bungie can be found in the top right corner.

The following is my representation of the Last City in former Puerta Princesa, the Philippines:


The Yellow X is a mountain that the sun is directly behind, and due to the high activity level of the City I assumed it to be a sunset. This would make this mountain close to West from the viewpoint's perspective.

I assumed the city would be close to the real port city from 1904 (Green X), yet i place it on the other side of the bay.

The Red X is the mountain under and left of the traveler. It is a little behind but seems to be close to the City center.

The City is shown to have 3 concentric, circular walls. The inner area, shining brightly, is most likely a sanctuary where Warlocks study and give praise. Huge buildings are seen reaching toward the surface above them. This is perhaps the safest place in the solar system. The middle ring looks to have bright, straight rows of lights, the 'suburbs'. Bright spotlights shine on the traveler. On the outside of the third ring slums have been raised, probably outside city walls but having too many people is still hopeful for humanity, right?

I believe the viewpoint is from the Tower, where Guardians preside. Just outside the City, built to watch over the cove and most likely the sprawling slum that has encompassed the City. The small towers on the outside wall might be for individual factions, or might be for defense. The main highway connects the Tower to the Traveler, and is used by what looks like many flying vehicles or trains.

So just my idea, I am open to any suggestions or comments.

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