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Out of the Dark

3. "In the morning a scouting party of Dregs was sent down into the dark with me. I saw them pass me by; I'm not sure if they were even looking for me... But they did find something. Green lights in the tunnel up ahead, then red and blue with gunfire and blood.

"I took my chance and skirted my way behind the Dregs as they fired upon their attackers. Were their targets the singers from the night before, molded with with such craven mouths, bony hands, and jagged weapons? Was this the Lunar Hive?

"I did not linger as I discerned a light stemming from a junction in the tunnel not far from my hiding space. First into a creek, then a river, and then into a lake...

"Away of that drome, finally. Must keep moving. Must keep pushing West. Back the way she came.

"I hope she doesn't mind me using her journal. It's filled with maps and warnings... And I found her self-portrait tonight. Awoken - that beautiful curse..."

Leviathan | Aug 13, 2014 12:01 pm | link