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10 Seconds Till Launch

My copy has just arrived so it's time to sign off for a bit. Enjoy the start of your adventures, whether it was at a midnight launch or a visit from a lonely wandering mailman. It's been a long time coming - a couple of years for DBO and four since Bungie's last game, wow!

So while I disappear for a bit, here's a sketch of The Speaker to remember me by. Just imagine Bill Nighy saying something epic and you'll be primed to take back our planets, Bungie-style.

Leviathan | Sep 9, 2014 12:10 pm | link

Out of the Dark

3. "In the morning a scouting party of Dregs was sent down into the dark with me. I saw them pass me by; I'm not sure if they were even looking for me... But they did find something. Green lights in the tunnel up ahead, then red and blue with gunfire and blood.

"I took my chance and skirted my way behind the Dregs as they fired upon their attackers. Were their targets the singers from the night before, molded with with such craven mouths, bony hands, and jagged weapons? Was this the Lunar Hive?

"I did not linger as I discerned a light stemming from a junction in the tunnel not far from my hiding space. First into a creek, then a river, and then into a lake...

"Away of that drome, finally. Must keep moving. Must keep pushing West. Back the way she came.

"I hope she doesn't mind me using her journal. It's filled with maps and warnings... And I found her self-portrait tonight. Awoken - that beautiful curse..."

Leviathan | Aug 13, 2014 12:01 pm | link

From Whence She Came

2. "The wall is not safe. Full of Devils. But I've carved out a refuge in an underground tunnel. The Fallen have not followed me down here. Either they don't consider me a threat... Or there's something else down here with me. But there is moving water down here. Hope it leads somewhere...

"Strange voices in the night. But 'voices' may not be the right word. A song of a thousand speakers in discord. Their words are varied and conflicting, but the singers are many and of the same tone. The more I try to listen, the harder the lyrics are to decipher.

"I must get out. But I do not know if I should push farther into the dark and those horrible hymns or retread back through the enemy embattled above.

"...I should have looked ahead. She wrote of this cosmodrome. Warnings. If only I had her rifle with me now! But I believe this is where her Ghost was overcome, leaving her to die out there with the last wounds she would ever bear.  My own Ghost... He must be alive out there, somewhere."

Leviathan | Jul 29, 2014 02:25 pm | link

A Record of the Future

"I met a Guardian in the wastes of Siberia. But she was dead."

"The transmat was down and I needed all the help I could get. With a necessary shame, I took her gun and I took her food and then I said a goodbye with a bitter salute.

"But then I saw her journal. My pack was already full but I would make the room.

"I remembered something Skald once told me. 'We Guardians are already ghosts. We're dead to begin with. What matters is that our actions persist, that our deeds before, during, or after life build towards a future full of Light. That means we must remember and record. Sometimes, the Dark can be stayed with just a memory, a knowledge that what we've done will always have been done.'

"Upon the front endcover and the flyleaf was this drawing:

"I'll transmit more once I reach the wall I can see in the distance - hopefully a place I can rest."

TAGS: sketch, diary, tank
Leviathan | Jul 22, 2014 02:30 pm | link

The Time-Travelling Vex Have Broken Into DBO HQ...

... and deleted all the news that occurred today! And it was a quite a bountiful day, trust me. Oh well...

This one also stole one of our monitors. Thought it was his great-great-great-grandma or something.

TAGS: Vex, sketch
Leviathan | Feb 19, 2014 11:09 pm | link

Another Sketchy Post...

Hey remember that Warlock I drew a while back? Here's a Titan to go along with it, with a Hunter on its way (she got stuck in a public event I think, she'll catch up).

Click above for a larger version. After that Hunter, maybe I'll look into continuing this series for our villian factions...

Leviathan | Oct 8, 2013 01:11 pm | link

This Post's a Little Sketchy...

Actual news? ... I got nothing, sorry. I don't know where Claude keeps his magic bag of secrets. But I did sketch a Warlock to make up for it. Then ruined it with markers. Then scanned it and salvaged it in Photoshop. Whew!


Click above for a larger version. Makes a good wallpaper/lock screen for your fancy mobile gizmos. Hunter, Titan sketch cards coming in the future.

Leviathan | Sep 2, 2013 12:51 pm | link

Killing Time

If you hadn't pieced the clues together already, a significant fraction of the DBO Team is at PAX right now, so the frontpage news might slow down a bit.

To make up for this, I've decided to try to express in sketch what it feels like to not be at PAX:


TAGS: Levi, sketch
Leviathan | Aug 30, 2013 09:45 pm | link

Wake me in seven days


Today might have been light on Destiny news, but fear not, for Bungie Day is only a week away. What wonders await us on the seventh day of the seventh month? If you care to speculate, kidtsunami has a fun thread for you, or we can all just pass the time by staring at this awesome new sketch Levi made of "that guy from the trailer". (Click for full-size.)

ncsuDuncan | Jun 30, 2013 10:01 pm | link

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