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Iron Banner Resources, for the Worthy (and not-so-worthy)

The latest Iron Banner went live yesterday... and the competition is fierce! (The prizes, whether bought directly from Lord Saladin through dint of long play or gained through random drops in-game, are substantial.) Are you ready? Here are some resources if you're looking to maximize your advancement, courtesy of the hardcore stats folks at reddit:

  • The weapons you use matter in Iron Banner far more than they do in standard Crucible - weapons damage is NOT normalized, so picking your best gear (and making sure it's fully upgraded) is critical. A spreadsheet put together by exxtrooper can help you sort out the weapons that play to your personal strengths. (Thanks, Kahzgul.)
  • A more in-depth look at Exotics, put together by maniacgreek using that spreadsheet as a starting point, can narrow things down even further. Thanks, iconicbanana.
  • Have limited time, but really want to buy something that's not sold until you're Rank 4 (or 5)? Check out this post from GenericDreadHead - it breaks down exactly how fast you'll earn rep, based on what you're wearing, when you play and how you win. It's an invaluable post if you have a specific goal and limited time to reach it.

Use these tools - and your friends (going into IB with a team is FAR easier than going in alone) - to make the most of this week! (Don't have enough friends to form a real wrecking crew? Ask on our forum - there are folks playing all the time!) And just for fun... mindlessframe created some posters you can use as wallpaper, to get in the mood.

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Claude Errera | Mar 18, 2015 01:17 pm | link