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Bite-Sized Backstory - Batch 6

Well, we hope your end-of-year celebrations were epic. (And we hope they're not the last ones ever, but that's another story.) Ragashingo finished up another three installments of his 'Bite-Sized Backstory' series, and we're here to bring them to you. These focus on the more recent conquests of Oryx - and maybe some tie-ins with previous Bungie games. Go give 'em a read!

  1. Oryx's Pyramid Scheme
  2. The End of an Age
  3. Majestic Battles and Waves

If you're starting from scratch, here are some older links: Batch 1 | Batch 2 | Batch 3/4 | Batch 5

Claude Errera | Jan 6, 2017 10:11 am | link