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Destiny Music - live at VGL

As we mentioned last week, the Video Games Live concert being held at San Diego Comic Con last night was livestreamed on Twitch.TV - and if you missed it, it's been archived. The Destiny section begins around 3:16:30 - Marty O'Donnell and Mike Salvatori were on hand to talk to the audience, sing some jingles, and conduct the live Destiny piece performed by the orchestra. Go watch! (There's a thread on our forum that was started last night to discuss the event, if you have any comments.) Update: marmot 1333 pointed out that the Destiny content has already been extracted from the Twitch archive and uploaded to YouTube. Might be easier to watch, though the entire concert is worth your time!

Claude Errera | Jul 21, 2013 09:25 am | link