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Mike Salvatori Dishes on Destiny 2

wshu.pngMike Salvatori sat down with WSHU's Kate Remington to talk about Destiny 2's music - it's a fascinating discussion! Go listen to how they ramped up to handle the huge music requirements the game had, and who they brought in to help. Thanks, C Paul! (There's also a discussion on our forum - join in with comments. Thanks, Raga!)

Claude Errera | Oct 12, 2017 01:39 pm | link

Destiny's Music Direction is Stable

Mike Salvatori has been working on the music for Bungie games for more than 15 years - but his involvement has always been overshadowed by his more public partner, Marty O'Donnell. When O'Donnell left Bungie in April, some fans wondered whether Mike would follow - this week, reached out to Salvatori's spokesperson for clarification. Good news for fans of the current sound of Destiny - Mike's not going anywhere. Thanks, Narcogen.

Claude Errera | Aug 8, 2014 02:33 pm | link

'Make a game as good as that.'

Marty O'Donnell shared some fascinating tidbits with the press about the music he and Mike Salvatori created with the help of Paul McCartney last year. Head over to Polygon for a summary of the talk. (For what it's worth, the quote that the title for this newspost came from was not Marty's - it was Mike's.)

Claude Errera | Feb 17, 2013 03:23 pm | link

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