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Oholiab dropped by the forums last week to show off some adorable, Destiny-themed birthday cards given to him by his kids. He also posted an annotation showing who's who. I hope to see more of their fan-art in the future!

Leviathan | Aug 12, 2014 08:30 pm | link

D.B.Oh the Humanity

If you haven't been tricked by MoltenSlowa's deceptive forum thread titles yet, you might not be aware that he's been working with community members Padraig, Bones, and Unhh on a Bungie.Org-themed version of the risqué party game Cards Against Humanity. There's still time to submit your own card ideas, but that window closes this week - so get moving! (If you're confused by the concept, this forum post might help clear things up.)

TAGS: DBO, cards
ncsuDuncan | Jul 29, 2013 09:03 pm | link

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