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Bungie's 7 Core Values

fallen_tank.pngBungie just updated their site with a snazzy new look, and as part of the update they've added their 7 core values (not to be confused with their plan for world domination) on their career page. They are:

  • Teams are stronger than heroes
  • Player experience first
  • Strong ideas loosely held
  • Closing is an everyday practice
  • Widen your perspective
  • Keep it fun
  • Put a dent in the universe

If you want to see the description for each value go check out their career page (the link to the core values is a little more than half way down). Thanks to Chris Alejo on Twitter (Technical Writer at Bungie) for pointing it out!

Xenos | Aug 24, 2017 07:21 am | link

LFM designers. PvE experience required.

If you haven't perused the careers page lately, give it a quick read - at least one of the positions listed is new to me:

As a Raid Designer you will work with Designers, Artists, Engineers, and Producers to create memorable, bond-building encounters that players will scour YouTube to defeat.

I especially like these two bullet points under Required Skills:

  • Deep proficiency and skill playing first-person shooters
  • Max level character with significant end game Player versus Environment experience in a popular online game.

Anyone have a WoW account I can borrow?

ncsuDuncan | May 4, 2013 08:21 pm | link

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