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A pair of interviews you may have missed

I've been pretty sick for a week, so I've missed a bunch of news. I'll leave out the transient stuff (you either saw it when it came through, or you won't really care about it), but here's a couple of interviews you might find interesting, from E3: talked to Luke Smith (minimal controversy!), and Game's Princess talked to Mark Noseworthy (summary of TTK). Go watch!

TAGS: e3, interviews
Claude Errera | Jul 1, 2015 01:50 pm | link

Playing Catch-Up

In the last couple of weeks there's a been a handful of articles, interviews, and news that have fallen through Vex time portals here at the DBO offices. Let's remedy that, shall we?

  • The International Business Times interviewed urk (Eric Osborne) about multiplayer, how Destiny compares to Halo, and their plans down the road. Thanks to DaDerga.
  • GameInformer verbally investigated Jonty Barnes and Derek Carroll on topics related to the Beta, like the size of levels and fireteams. Xenos was our man in the field.
  • Writer Josh Rubin departed Bungie after working on Destiny for Telltale Games' Game of Thrones adaptions.  "And while there’s a true art to 'writing between the bullets' — as Mr. Staten once said — I couldn’t turn down an offer from Telltale, to create games that are entirely about story." Gamasutra reported on this, Cody Miller let us know about it. May his nights not be "dark and full of terrors" as the Red Woman might say.
  • Forbes posted a speculative article on what Bungie should do with a $500 million budget, if they had one. Thanks goes to Korny.
  • And VG24/7 wrote an article about why Bungie should include Matchmaking for their strategic Raids mode.
Whew! Now to stay on top of things for a bit.

Leviathan | Aug 25, 2014 11:45 am | link

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