Yes. (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Saturday, July 23, 2016, 00:17 (2915 days ago) @ Revenant1988

Is it possible that VoG is your favorite simply because it was first, and Destiny was still new and shiny?

I think he covered that pretty sufficiently at the end of his post:

First impressions are important.
I realize what I'm saying here is that a large part of VoG's appeal is purely nostalgia, but nostalgia is a powerful tool, and it's bolstered by the fact that VoG has many other minor qualities that make it a legitimately fun activity (Hint: requiring extreme precision and timing isn't one of them).

I do agree that nostalgia and VoG just being so unknown and unexpected are huge parts of why it's held up as the best raid. I don't think that's everything, though. I still think it's almost perfect in both difficulty, fun encounters, and length in ways that the other two raids aren't. It's mechanics and encounters stand head and shoulders above the rest just in terms of being fun, while still requiring teamwork. Confluxes to the Templar fight is some of the most fun Destiny has ever been, and I don't know that anything in Crota's End or King's Fall comes even close to matching that set of encounters.

Just as important, and maybe even more so, is that the entirety of Vault of Glass flows and feels much more connected as a complete experience than Crota's End or King's Fall. It feels like a more coherent "story" from start to finish. King's Fall largely feels like a large set of completely disparate encounters smashed together with no real reason.

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