Standing around vs. moving (Destiny)

by Durandal, Saturday, July 23, 2016, 10:25 (2856 days ago) @ CyberKN

My impression is that all 3 raids have good and bad points. I agree that one of KF's biggest problems is the raw DPS check, but also, as I've mentioned before, the raid mechanics in KF are too obvious and video gameish.

VoG's mechanics are very well tucked into the story of VoG and game lore. The time travel, the oracles, everything is mysterious and has kind of an Indiana Jones feel too it. The reason for the relic, it's operation, all seem tied into the story seemlessly. The mechanics also encouraged some movement. You generally didn't need to stand in one place for very long, once you opened the gate you were finished.

CE was similar, but more straightforward. It seemed the only real mechanic was the sword and plate. While I feel that Crota was an epic fight if you were the sword bearer, it really was dull to be anyone else. The bridge encounter as it was intended to play also could be interesting, but CE's biggest failure was that it was so simple to cheese everything that no one played it straight.

KF fixes CE's solo issues, but really misses the feel VoG had. Every boss encounter requires you to stand in one spot for most of the encounter and shoot. The difficulty is entirely in the DPS per "round". While it probably requires the most coordination of all the raids to pull off, it just seems far duller and arbitrary then Atheon's or Crota's fight. Why are these plates here? Why does jumping counter clockwise on them work but clockwise does not? Why does Oryx pound them instead of doing something more effective? What the heck are the little pack man orbs? About the only mechanic that made sense to me was the corrupted light.

Oddly, the maze in the middle is something more of what I expected, and it of course a part pretty much everyone skips now. It's dark, mysterious, and has the secret plates. It reminded me of the light maze in CE, which was always hectic and fun, if a little frustrating when under leveled.

I think players need movement, shooting skill and teamwork to get the most out of the raid. VoG's Confluxes and Oracles, which mechanically essentially are intercept target/destroy mines yessssss, work well in that raid and give that feel. You are moving, communicating and trying to cover each one as players go down. KF it's really, you stand in one of two places, shoot mobs, then focus the boss.

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