Day 7 - Beta Ends & Waiting Begins (Destiny)

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So long and thanks for all the olives!

Seven. Of course it's seven.

Spoilers: I didn't realize it at the time in my aloof zest, but I greatly overwhelmed the team by pouring on the grenades. It spawned way more AI then I considered, and we were very much overwhelmed. If only... there was a second slot that had weapons that could help me in that scenario. It was a tactical error on my part. So when people started leaving I did too. I was running out of time anyway, as there was less the a half hour left.

I wanted to test something first, then see how I would do in one last PvP Game. Here is how I did.

"When ever you want to try this again; I'll be here. With my bombs."

Yes Sir!


Anything Else?

Yep! GUNS! I've found a an article that both has and gives resources on the Beta Content. You can see it here : vg247

I have nothing really to say about the armor, other than I miss the ability to push our class abilities faster. Now it's Resilience, Mobility, Recovery connected to armor instead of the super. Mixed thoughts, but nothing I can really say about it right now. I just wish it wasn't so arbitrary. What does 6 resilience mean? How much is that?

As for the guns, well... I do have a few things to say. I present the below list in order of my enjoyment in using them. If there is a gun not here, I either I did not enjoy using it, or it never dropped for me (such as the Linear Fusion Rifle).

Infer from my range of praise for these weapons, as criticism for the others. As I write this I'm running out of time.

This weapon felt amazing to use. The only thing that could had made it better was that it was made by Tex Mechanica, and thus have some of that spinny-reload action. When you shot it, it sounded as it acted. Aiming was great, popping off head shots again and again. Lots of fun.

Very tight. Playful. Like a swarm of bees with party hats. ... heh. Is it just me or would that be great flavor text? This weapon felt amazing to use.

If it makes things blow up, I probably like it. I'm a simple man I guess. Felt good to use.

An interesting weapon. I would like a-bit more variety in controlling the explosions. These were impact based, but I would like to see timer based and detonable charges too. Feels a bit on the weak side, either because the range of the explosives is small, or I'm not just "feeling" the impact of the weapons power.

It's good. Odd weapon. You need to get hurt by electric based means for it to do it's exotic stuff. Considering that, I really didn't feel a pay off. If I need to get hurt by a something for the weapon to really shine, it better out right GLOW in the payback, if you get my meaning.

A Shotgun in the rarest ammo slot. What would a Heavy shotgun be like anyway? I guess if you took a ship cannon, and filled it with minié balls, or in a true historical sense some grape shot, that would be a sort of heavy shot gun. I digress. This shotgun bit hard, and packed punch - aka - a shotgun. Whatever I pointed it at and shot, it took a chunk in the process. What else can you ask for? I'm not sure if there is anything else to say really.

This weapon in presentation was fun. But in use? Felt weak to me. Way too much work up for too little payoff.

Really wild in the shot. I did what I could to make use of it, but well - venom is precise in its intent. This weapon much less so.

I want to like this, which is why it is on this list, but I don't. As I write this I don't know why. Honestly not very helpful. My wild guess is for comparative reasons.

Yet again - anyone see a pattern here?

To reiterate, if it isn't here then it didn't drop for me, or I didn't like the weapon. A lot of these weapons that we had off the starting pad for each class felt terrible to use to me. Either too loose, tickling the opponent instead of shooting, had too much lag time, or just fought me in the task. I was surprised how many weapons felt horrible to use for me in the beta. I live and breathe Scout Rifles in Destiny, Pulse Rifles too after their buff. Here in the beta, frankly, they just feel lackluster. Just gross. Yet - pistols or fast firing assault rifles? Bleh. Don't touch them in Destiny, yet here in the Beta, just look at my list.


I also still think what I said in my Destiny Year One review/vent. You know... that tome of disappointment where I snapped in two. I guess if it had to happen it's a good thing it did on something so overall - harmless.

Anyway - I still think Bungie hates PvE. YES YES - whoa - I know. Destiny 2 is apparently gorged the brim with PvE awesomeness. Which is great! Content in videogames. It's a good thing! ... usually. As far as I can tell, all if not most of the changes to which I have dedicated some words of discontent are due to PvP. I happily accept I may be wrong in that, provided I am wrong in the heart if the idea. Otherwise, Bungie REALLY REALLY hates PvE. All said, just as I have said before, I can't shake the feeling that Bungie hates PvE. With this system, where PvE and PvP weapons are made to be one, off the gunplay and the supers, something has to give. What does that mean? It means it sucks to be a PvE player. There is a blatant moral to all this too. A classic really, sadly. Try to make everyone happy, and more often than not no one will be. So in turn PvE gets the hit, likely because PvP trends more popular now a days.

I wonder; Who could be cause for that PvP popularity Bungie? :P

Sucks for me though.

Am I getting Destiny 2?

Well just as I feared, I'm more mixed now then I was before the beta. I preordered for the Beta, not the game. As stupid as "preorder for a beta" is, I knew I needed all the time I could get. As mentioned I was hoping to play Destiny 2 out of the gate, but I don't know if I will. As much as I enjoyed Arcstrider, one build in one class is not enough to push for a whole game, plus the years of play implied. How the Warlock feels was a big hit, and ... I don't know.

I mentioned that in retrospect "reviewing" something that isn't finished is a bit of a fools gambit, as technically these things are still in motion. In chess, a fools gambit (through that is not the official term) is a checkmate in the fewest possible number of moves from the start of the game. It's a quick loss usually because the other player isn't paying attention, and they start by opening up a straight avenue to the king to checkmate. Well I'm trying to make a decision here, but I don't know where some of the pieces lie now, and are completely unaware of other pieces that exist on the board. I will be watching the coming Bungie updates carefully.

I expect at some point if I don't play at launch, I will take the plunge at some point and go for it... maybe. For reasons I cannot say, I expect in the future of my time, my ability to play will be less then I had for Destiny. If I play Destiny 2 I expect my progress to be a slow crawl, and I'll miss a lot of events; even with help from those willing to give the time. It's part of the reason I haven't completed most the record books and such, as I don't have time. No fancy shirt for me. It has me ask, can I do this? Ya'll ever hear the saying: Don't make a girl a promise if you can't keep it? Well, in the same vein, don't buy into a living world if you can't "live" in it. I have things to do. Things to make. Things that require my time to be spent in action instead of leisure, even if it does trend to be a mix of both.

Perhaps I'll be able to show it to you lot at some point?

So - that stays my hand too. Even if I do get it, will I even be able to play? That's a question I have to answer myself, of course.

Goodness me, I really do know how to open the flood gates in thought don't I? Sheesh. I couldn't talk for - like - ever, and here I am pouring out thoughts by the metric ton. The en mass of my thoughts on all things Destiny 2 Beta. I hope you found its content interesting, entertaining, and insightful. Apologies for the strong words and thought points. Thank you for your time, especially if you read all this. And who knows, perhaps I will...

... see ya starside. - Oh! I presume, but I think it a safe presumption. You are welcome. I was happy to do it...

...and now... we wait.


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