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by Jabberwok, Saturday, August 31, 2013, 02:44 (3887 days ago) @ Jabberwok

Outskirts was good, and I also liked Voi in Halo 3, even though we saw very little of it. I think if you compare these areas to the more alien environments, you run into the same issues of real space. In Forerunner and Covenant areas, I almost never had a sense of what the purpose of any particular room or structure might be or have been. But in these cases, our standard for realism is going to be much lower because the surroundings are unfamiliar. But I enjoyed the mix of familiar and futuristic that the human settings had in the games. I think in Reach, they started to do a better job of cranking up the realism. There were a lot of structures that felt more like something people would actually build, instead of just level geometry.

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