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As an aside, will we be able to jump really high on mars?

Our current best understanding is that the various planets of the Solar System were terraformed for us by The Traveler. So, no special suit required, and no ultra-long jumping on Mars… Unless our current best understanding is incomplete or wrong…

well, we know it's incomplete, and IDK why the Traveler, in terraforming these places, would change the gravity (I mean, there's a reason or two, but I have no idea how it would come to that decision)

Eh, we suspect it's incomplete. Maybe our (my) current understanding is exactly correct.

There are undoubtedly a lot of things we don't know about everything the Destinyverse.

As to the Traveler, if it was terraforming the planets to better suit us then altering the gravity, which would be beneficial to us, might have been one of its many changes.

Cody has a point though. I was thinking of gravity plating like you'd find in most sci-fi spaceships, but now I'm thinking what about building basements and bunkers and in-ground pools, what about excavation, what about mining, what about examining the soil and rock for scientific reasons, what about digging a hole just because we feel like it? Whatever increases the gravity would have to be deeper than we could ever dig, or at least deeper than we would ever need or want to dig, to protect it, and even then what about tectonic and volcanic action and what about meteors? That's if it is or works like gravity plating though, they could, especially with this "mythic sci-fi" universe, have it be a protected machine on the surface or in orbit or even projected by the Traveler itself somehow. It sounds like a lot of work that isn't strictly necessary though.

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