It's cute (DBO)

by CruelLEGACEY @, Toronto, Thursday, April 19, 2018, 07:35 (2224 days ago) @ breitzen

It's cute that some of you think they WON'T shortchange the Rasputin storyline. Look at Osiris. Case closed.

To be fair, Rasputin is a much larger story thread than Osiris was/is. Does it mean they'll deliver? Not necessarily, but I think everyone knows the stakes have never been higher. #CaseNotClosed

I say this while fully hoping that the story turns out decent, but at this point in Destiny’s lifespan, it’s one hell of a long-shot. I don’t think that’s being negative or pessimistic, simply realistic. The writing in every Destiny release so far has been terrible, with the exception of TTK which was ok (I’m talking in-game narrative here, not lore/grimoire stuff which is often fantastic). And I’m specifically not saying “IMO” here because I’m not just talking about subjective tastes. I’m talking about all the basics of storytelling, building a narrative, creating compelling characters... Destiny has largely been a complete failure in all these regards, with any exceptions bring few, far between, and relatively minor.

So for Warmind to suddenly succeed in telling a great story is certainly possible, but I see no reason to expect such a turnaround.

Again, I truly do hope that Warmind turns out different than previous entries in terms of storytelling. I just think that getting our hopes up in this specific area is just asking to be disappointed.

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