Ingame Lore (cause I'm tired of that last subject title) (DBO)

by CruelLEGACEY @, Toronto, Thursday, April 19, 2018, 09:21 (2288 days ago) @ MacAddictXIV

It would have been fine if there was still a way to search all the items' lore through a website of some sort. Yes, that would partially get rid of the excitement of finding lore on items and how to relate to it, but there are a lot of people who love digging into lore (looking at you raga).

Here's a million dollar idea:

You still need to find the lore in-game by scanning items with your ghost or playing specific quests or adventures.

Once you've "unlocked" a lore item, a text version becomes available in the "lore database" (either in-game, through a website, or both).

But here's the real ticket: Your whole clan shares the lore-unlock process. So if you find a lore-item out in patrol and scan it, the database item is unlocked for your whole clan, along with a location marker on a map so they can go find it for themselves if they want to.



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