It's cute (DBO)

by breitzen @, Kansas, Thursday, April 19, 2018, 08:36 (2284 days ago) @ CruelLEGACEY

It's cute that some of you think they WON'T shortchange the Rasputin storyline. Look at Osiris. Case closed.

To be fair, Rasputin is a much larger story thread than Osiris was/is. Does it mean they'll deliver? Not necessarily, but I think everyone knows the stakes have never been higher. #CaseNotClosed

I say this while fully hoping that the story turns out decent, but at this point in Destiny’s lifespan, it’s one hell of a long-shot. I don’t think that’s being negative or pessimistic, simply realistic. The writing in every Destiny release so far has been terrible, with the exception of TTK which was ok (I’m talking in-game narrative here, not lore/grimoire stuff which is often fantastic). And I’m specifically not saying “IMO” here because I’m not just talking about subjective tastes. I’m talking about all the basics of storytelling, building a narrative, creating compelling characters... Destiny has largely been a complete failure in all these regards, with any exceptions bring few, far between, and relatively minor.

So for Warmind to suddenly succeed in telling a great story is certainly possible, but I see no reason to expect such a turnaround.

Again, I truly do hope that Warmind turns out different than previous entries in terms of storytelling. I just think that getting our hopes up in this specific area is just asking to be disappointed.

I guess I just don't like the (very internet-y) stigma of polarization. I'm very much with you here Cruel, I "hope" it's a good story, that they deliver a solid narrative, but the bar is set low. I guess I just feel like someone says "hope" and people jump on them for it. In reaction, many of us fire back, and then we end up in a negative place without good discussion based on expectations. (I'm guilty of this, and I'm sorry for stoking that fire)

I didn't listen to the podcast and think, wow these guys are convinced Warmind is going to be an awesome story. What I came away with was "They've been building up Rasputin for 4 years (in-game, not just lore) so there is room for a really great story there."

A note about hope and expectations: I will never tell someone to not hope. Cruel, you even said you are "fully hoping that the story turns out decent." Let's not pounce on people's hope (or even concern!) before understanding expectations.

<3 you all.

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