Wooo! Now, bring Marty back! (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Thursday, January 10, 2019, 16:21 (659 days ago) @ Cody Miller

They lost me with D2.

I'm not going to pick it back up, but I'll likely give D3 a chance if Bungie has full control.

What will you do if there is no D3 at this point, and they instead just continue to support D2 as a real live game?

Not being snarky, I'm genuinely curious, because that seems to be at the top of the list of things people actually want to happen now.

I know what YOU'LL do. You'll have to buy me Last of Us 2 :-p

That is absolutely not the bet we made. A key part of what you said is that Bungie will license or sell the Destiny IP.

Continuing to support Desitny 2 isn't licensing or selling Destiny.

I even asked the question about that exact situation, and we never resolved it. This isn't me trying to wiggle out of a bet--the key thing I was betting against is that Bungie will bow out of continuing to make Destiny.

I'll bet you a copy of Destiny 3 that doesn't happen, and that Bungie will be the developer of that game.

If they're still working on Destiny after this year, that would effectively be Destiny 3, wouldn't it? If we see another Comet release, I mean.

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