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by MacAddictXIV @, Seattle WA, Thursday, January 17, 2019, 12:25 (617 days ago) @ Cody Miller

It's ok to leak Music of the Spheres, but would it be ok to encourage the leak and distribution of the music my buddy's band has made?

If the band wanted the music out there, but the record company was sitting on it unwilling to release it then absolutely. It would be ethically wrong, but morally right.

Wait, wait, wait. So if, as a software engineer, I have written code for my company and they decide not to sell it for profit, then I'm morally obligated to steal it and distribute it to the world?

Music or code, it's all intellectual property that is not owned by the employee but the company. Employee's get paid by their company to do a service for them, they don't own what they make. In my mind that both Ethically and morally wrong to steal from your company. Morals are defined by an individual and I wasn't raised that way.

Use art for example, If I'm an artist and someone commissions me to paint something for them and I do it. Turns out it's some amazing piece of art. That person then hides it in a room in their house for them to enjoy. Is it still morally my obligation to make sure everyone gets to see it? No. It might have been made by me, but I don't own the artwork.

Not the same. You deprive them of it in that example. For music, movies, games etc, you can copy them because they are digital.

So stealing from my employer in my software engineer example is justified?

Bungie still has exactly what they had before mots was released.

Except the right to distribute/sell it in the future however they see fit. Which, I might add is their right as the owner of it. And the value of it is drastically lowered as soon as it's released into the wild by someone else.

And under certain circumstances, I think theft is justified.

And who decides it's justified? hmmm? you? That sounds like Chaos to me.

Probably not for art, but what if someone had patented intellectual property to cure cancer but was sitting on it? I say steal it.

I'm pretty sure that is covered by a law somewhere. That would essentially be a crime against humanity, so that doesn't exactly play when we are talking about art and games.

Not that I’m a fan of Wu Tang, but if somebody stole their album from martin shkreli and copied it I think it would have been a net positive.

I have no idea what that means :D

Basically, I feel like you are asking people to break laws based on someones, we don't know who's, ideas of morality.

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