I'm with Cody on this. (Destiny)

by Kermit @, Raleigh, NC, Thursday, January 17, 2019, 06:32 (620 days ago) @ Funkmon

When I was doing historical linguistics crap at school, one of the greatest assets we could have are multiple revisions of a particular document.

For example, we can truly see the differences in English over a small time frame from Old English to Middle English, where, sixty years after one thing was written, it was copied word for word, except plurals were modern, or a French or Norse word was put in place of an English word.

So, I understand Cody's dread that this be lost. Every time we have a document dated from 1300 which we know is a copy of something from 800, but don't have the original, it opens so many questions.

That being said, Ma1 right here explains why it's fine that our version of the game has been lost and why it's actually fine about the Star Wars footage.

Do we have the binaries or the source of the game? No. What we have is good enough for almost any cultural and historical use though. We have billions of hours of Dinklebot footage and audio, both through Cody's efforts and through massive recording and broadcasting of the game. The game can be pieced together if necessary from footage.

We have high def theatrical editions of Star Wars pieced together from myriad film reels and sources. Examine the silver screen edition or whatever that crap is from Myspleen everyone talks about.

This is basically proof that we don't, for virtually all intents and purposes, need originals. We need enough reference materials to the originals, and the game is near as makes no difference preserved.

And let's be honest: it doesn't really matter if Star Wars is in high def in its original format. I have the original cuts on DVD, and I can watch and enjoy them if I choose (which I don't because they're mostly worse) and that's enough for history. We don't need the negatives. We don't even need DVDs, since there's laserdisc. That's 100% fine for virtually all purposes.

Don't agree with the lumping the Star Wars issue in there. That's where I side with Cody completely from a fan perspective. It's utter bullshit that I can't buy the version of the movie I saw in 1977.

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