Bungie dumped Activision. (Destiny)

by metwaf100, Saturday, January 12, 2019, 08:55 (625 days ago) @ narcogen

Agreed, everything points towards Bungie initiating the move.

Forsaken was the best selling game of September, beating out even blockbusters like Spider-man PS4. To Activision however, it was a disappointment.

I have no doubt in mind that the one who ripped the contract was Bungie, no way they would've let Destiny go. It might a lot of money, and this is the first time it was a disappointment, Call of Duty has disappointed many times and they still keep it going, but when they announced that they would look for new monetization methods I think it pushed Bungie too far and the leadership, guys like Butcher, Jones and Parsons who are in the board of directors, probably made the final call to tear up the contract after getting pushed too far.

There has been tension, but the game has been pretty damn profitable, so I agree narcogen, I'm almost certain it was Bungie that decided to let go of Activision as their publishing partner.

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