Wooo! Now, bring Marty back! (Destiny)

by Revenant1988 ⌂ @, How do I forum?, Friday, January 11, 2019, 16:16 (627 days ago) @ cheapLEY

They lost me with D2.

I'm not going to pick it back up, but I'll likely give D3 a chance if Bungie has full control.

What will you do if there is no D3 at this point, and they instead just continue to support D2 as a real live game?

Not being snarky, I'm genuinely curious, because that seems to be at the top of the list of things people actually want to happen now.

Not gonna pop in D2 for any reason at this point, except maybe if I need references for Cosplay and replica stuff I like to make. Even then, I can ask Korny for help on that. I imagine, that there WILL be a D3, since we'll have new consoles out here 'soon'. So, there will at least be an engine change... I would think. I'll give that one a fair shot, all things being equal.

What pushed me away from Destiny is the following, in order:

1.) Weak narrative, uninteresting story, silent guardian (though much better than D1! And perhaps the nature of the game, this cannot be improved)

2.) The feeling that I had to play all the time to "keep up" to be able to play with friends (I realized later, that it doesn't matter for most activities, but it does for the best ones)

3.) Recycled content, bland content ('old' weapons and armors, re-skinned existing weapons with different rolls, freakin' Curse of Osiris. Didn't even try WarMind and paid for that shi.

4.) Reduced sense of mystery due to the HiveMind that is the internet, and streamers. (This is not Bungie's fault, but I can't help but speculate how much of what they do hinges on the whims of the Twitch crowd, etc)

Destiny, as it currently is, should be more like WoW or Overwatch, in the sense that it doesn't get numbered sequels, and simply just keeps expanding on the core game. Maybe even a monthly subscription. I fired up Halo:MCC on Christmas and have been playing like crazy. I simply lacked the time I felt Destiny required to have any fun with it. Right now, if I have time to play it's a couple hours in the evening and I simply get more joy playing Halo and Overwatch and I'm literally not chasing anything, except the multi-player win or neck-neck objective game.

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