by cheapLEY @, Sunday, January 13, 2019, 12:55 (625 days ago) @ MacAddictXIV

That's my point, though.

It's a live game that requires an always-on internet connection. The first time they patched the game, the disc become irrelevant. The fact that they sell it on a disc at all is silly, to be honest. A base Destiny 2 disc right now is worthless. You'd put it in and have down download tens of gigabytes of updates anyway.

Actually, that's not how updates work. Most updates modify code and not actually add new stuff. Thus a lot of an update can be reused if you bundle a bunch of updates together. I don't know if they could auto-bundle those updates though. Some might have to be done in order. It would still be bad, but not that bad :D

Sure, but whether you own it or not, you'd still need all of the Curse of Osiris, Warmind, Forsaken, and Annual Pass content. That's a huge amount of data that just isn't on a D2 disc. It's a live game with new content every few months that you are forced to download even if you don't buy it. The disc very quickly becomes outdated.

We're not talking about some form of archiving, either. Destiny 2 will fail to work as a game if we reach the point where you can't reacquire it through Xbox LIVE or PSN, unless someone does a lot of work to cobble together something that handles the backend of the game.

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