Sony's the holdout, methinks. (Off-Topic)

by DiscipleN2k @, Edmond, OK, Thursday, January 31, 2019, 11:58 (290 days ago) @ Kermit

It would be a shame if they let Eververse be the hold up. I couldn't care less about it. Make cosmetics/silver dust platform-dependent, non-tranferrable, whatever they have to. It's a small price to pay. I think they'd still sell more copies of the game.

Can confirm...at least ONE more copy, anyway. I LOVE playing Destiny 2 on the PC, but I haven't picked up Forsaken for PC because I love raiding even more and there just aren't enough DBOers regularly on PC to get a raid group. If I could play on PC any time I wanted to just screw around playing solo stuff and then jump over to Xbox on raid nights, I wouldn't even think twice about picking up every expansion and season pass on both platforms as soon as they're released.

Which reminds me, I should really jump back in long enough to grab Whisper on PC. Snipers are so much more useful with mouse and keyboard :)


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