Exo[tic] Squad (Destiny)

by Malagate @, Sea of Tranquility, Thursday, August 08, 2019, 07:00 (172 days ago)

Who all is missing which exotics, or catalysts, that can be helped along by the addition of a focused fireteam?

Not that I'm the sherpa we need or deserve, but I'd like to get some Fireteam Builder events going for Exotic quest steps or Catalyst-chasing for folks who haven't gotten around to specific exotics. For things like One Thousand Voices or Anarchy, where RNG drops are the only way to achieve them, I'd suggest the fingers-crossed kind of Raid runs take a backseat to more guaranteed drops/completions (Acrius, Outbreak Prime), but I suppose the best course of action is to take stock of the need/desire first and then try to aim for center mass initially, and proceed from there.

Personally, the things I'm after are as follows:

Masterworked Outbreak Prime: (needs Heroic Zero Hour runs, thank-you's to Nevin in advance)
Telesto Catalyst: (needs Eater of Worlds runs, I believe)
Sleeper Catalyst: (needs Spire of Stars runs)

I recognize the catalysts for Telesto and Sleeper fit into the RNG-based pool, as well, so I'm happy to wait until we've helped others out. For others, I've mainly in mind things like Malfeasance, which requires at least one Army of One medal in Gambit, or several from one's fireteam; or the Legend of Acrius masterwork, which requires a Prestige Leviathan run (which is still bugged, AFAIK, but was 1,000% worth the heartache and frustration in the end). Also the Lumina quest, which requires Rose being used in the fireteam to accelerate the progress, etc. etc. But you get the idea. Anyone interested?

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