Addendum: It's not one thing, it's the force multiplier (Criticism)

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I'm making this addendum here to make my... frustration a touch more palatable and decipherable. It's not just (TL;DR) the RNG, the raid weapon, or my time among blueberrys that brought me to an uncharacteristic boil.

Let's start FIRST with one of my oldest frustrations with the game, that has only since become worse.
Exotic. Duplicate. Weighting. To quote one of my experimental rabbles...

Patch 2.0.5 – Holy Fuck What a JOKE!
That “Exotic Duplicate Weighting” was straight up broke.

I’ve never before met a patch so very rude,
Every time an Exotic engram dropped it said to me “Get screwed!

It’s like…

You invited me to the wedding and offered me cakes,
Then you throw it in a shredder and offered me fakes,
How much of this do you think I’m going to take,
Before the joy of exotics just completely brakes.

Like Marie Antoinette, a gracious offer never met,
Leaving me beheaded, spine loose from its slack,
You’re killing me either way with exotics I lack,
This is what I get thinking you’ve got my back.

My head is down low shaking, screaming with a sigh,
Bungie! Do you think its funny to just straight up lie!
To string us along! Do just do us wrong!?

I feel like a fish, hook and bating,
Your RNG went inverse, and left me hating,
I quit the game again, how freaking frustrating.

If EXOTICS are going to be so FREEK’N RARE,
Do you even under stand?! Do you even care?!
How deeply asshole this is to even dare,
To turn my joy into a swear.
This wasn’t a problem when it wasn’t rare.

Before you dropped down the exotic drop rate,
Exotics to me felt actually quite great.

Dupes were ok, a little bit annoying, but hey a boost in light,
It wouldn’t be long before another exotic engram caught my sight.

Now that exotics are actually exotics, it’s a wedding moment.
A Guardian and their gun or armor is blessed bestowment be!
(And you don’t really want to come in-between that, agree?)

I guess we’ll see what you do, drop rate and exotic gun.
With all this said, we’re almost done.

There are still a few more nit picks that grind on my fun.

I've been documenting every single exotic I've received more or less. I think I've missed one or two instances for whatever reason, but all and all I've documented it all (Click "Exotic. Duplicate. Weighting."). The goal that has been advertised, such as; "When a player receives an Exotic, we now take into account all Exotics the player has found and weight them against Exotics they have yet to acquire. This lowers the player’s chances of receiving Exotics they already own." has not been seen by this fan. It has not been fun, and it has in fact dampened it. It's been a year since that patch. I'm retiring that playlist come Shadowkeep.

Secondly, location location location. This is a RAID. AN END GAME ACTIVITY! The metrics of my expectation are completely and... I'd like to think justifiably, different. I SHOULD NOT BE SEEING REPEAT EXOTICS IN A RAID... if I don't have all exotics already. I think that's fair. I'd like of course more than that, no dupes at all for example, but... bare minimum.

Third. The Blueberrys - One was ignorantly rude to not only the host but to the group at large, and often when communicating would talk some erroneous nonsense not relevant to the task at hand. To say their head was not in the game would be an understatement. Oh... and they were late to the prescribed time, tried to get us to stop raiding momentarily because they were late and the only reason they were let in is because another blueberry that did get there on time suddenly had a family emergency and had to dodge. Another Blueberry just... didn't have really ANY kit. I get that it takes time to get some of the higher tier weapons, but don't go into an endgame group activity if you can't bring some bacon, m I rite? That, plus the numerous mystery eye shots (that suddenly went away when Blueberry Number one was tasked with add clearing instead of boss damage), and I got to say after 5 hours and change total of all this I was feel'n a touch frayed (and my Shurpas were too, though they did their best to be polite).

Fourth. The Built in anticipation. For the first second... I thought I had finally got it. I wasn't thinking oh I can't wait for my exotic I already have, I was going... will this be it. *BUM bum BUM bum BUM* Than Bungie is all...

Cool. cool. :/

Fifth and final... The Loot. I got jipped. I mean, I did get some armor (woo hoo) though out the raid, but no new weapons. At all. The only new thing I recall getting in this raid instance was a helm... but... hey armor 2.0 next week. Woo hoo. I just... fuck all man. This is a loot game. Step off whit that stingy shit. Once I got that Dupe Exotic from that last chest... broke the camels back Brothers and Sisters.

Someone at Bungie needs to get punched in the face for this comedy of errors. Or hey... buy me a burger. Ya'll owe your fans anyway from Halo days. :P

And there you have it.

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