Gotta Catch da Loot (Criticism)

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My own patience with this sort of thing is near its end as well. As far as I'm concerned, the game should have no dupes of anything ever. Every piece of loot should be new and unique or else not drop.

Why do you think they don't do that? Because then the system can't fucking manipulate you. It's gross. I'm so glad I stopped.

No no... that's what Eververse is all about. That's why they are making it EVEN EASIER to spend realife money come Shadowkeep. It's in the menu now. First one is on us! Right.

The reason "Every piece of loot [is not] new and unique" in part is at least two fold, in my purview. Though come Shdaowkeep, one reason becomes weaker. First reason is because they have chosen to make the content, not slam it all together procedurally e.g. Borderlands. More control on content, at cost of sheer numbers of content. The random rolls the bulk of the community shrieked for helps with this a little, but it's Bungie saying where those perks go, not some base algorithm. Not that there isn't some algorithm for RNG, but hopefully you get what I mean.

The second reason is based on a goal, again... in my purview. Destiny is not Pokémon. This games SOLE motivating factor is not "Gotta Catch 'Em All". While there is an aspect in collecting in this game, it is a... nerfed capability currently. The backbone is there, but it ignores random rolls (a KEY thing of the game currently), and your storage is an invisible finite hole. Collecting is a side hoe to the main focus of "loot", which I KNOW. You'd think that this would be one and the same, but that is not what the current design (or lack there in) is saying. Loot, right now... because I don't recall them ever bringing a definition for it, is anything. A something is loot. Be that some glimmer, some always sharded blue, or some RNG purple... something. Which has ... and I'm trying to keep focus here and not meander ... slowly been changing to a more concrete definition within the community. We have been building the definition they (apparently?) don't know.

With "loot" as the motivator, lootgame, you got to get "something". What Bungie has seemed to fail to realize is that this "as long as it's something" model has become increasingly... I want to say inexcusable, as Destiny the game has matured. Come Shadowkeep, with these "Artifact" modifiers there will be more ways to play. Loot "something" alone is not the motivation anymore, and it can't be. It's... What happens if I do this? What happens if I do this with my friends? It's... there's that word again... synergy. They have removed some of the pressure off of loot, and so I hope they can make it WORTH MORE as the year 3 moves on.

All that said, it would be nice if part of the endgame could change from collecting weapons, to using your collection to fight back the darkness. Provided the backbone can be filled in with "more life" then there is currently of course.

I'm not sure this has answered the source that started my writing of this... but I like what I wrote so.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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