I find this stuff fascinating (Gaming)

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Its worth watching their source video if you didn't (the article links to it, but it is easy to skip)


I recently heard that the Disney+ App on the PS4 does not work with HDR even though it says it does.


I find this stuff fascinating

The source of their info, HDTVTest, recently put out an interesting video regarding the future of Gaming and HDR. I ran across it by chance when reading/researching about the PS4's new firmware update which included an HDR system wide setting.

It sounds like something called the HGiG (HDR Gaming interest Group) is assembling to try and optimize as well as standardize the implementation of HDR in Gaming. It seems that their goal is to make the HDR Gaming experience great and more uniformed for all users and specifically try to prevent blown out bright spots or crushing dark areas in certain games on certain TV sets. (Destiny 2 Lost Sectors anyone?)
I'm thoroughly intrigued and wish I was in the industry and could be a part of the solution for something like this!

WARNING: ^ Possible NSFW part in the video (had to look it up, video clip Club Scene from Detroit:Become Human)

I think the upcoming (late 2019/2020?) high end LG OLED TV's may already be shipping with a TV firmware setting for HGiG tone mapping within Game Mode.

TV Manufacturers may have to update their TV's firmwares, Gaming companies should participate in the HGiG group and will have to update their Games to take advantage of the new settings.


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