It's having to focus on this step... (Destiny)

by nico, Thursday, December 26, 2019, 17:46 (199 days ago) @ someotherguy

So i'd been seeing a lot of complaints, and honestly it seemed a bit of a strange one. "Annoying, but Heavy drops 3 times per game, surely its not that bad" I thought.

And then I realised. There's one Heavy drop per map, not two like D1. And the entire other team is camping heavy too. And then of course you get stomped by rockets fir a few lives, and they've saved up their super for the next heavy.

I've lost four games now and got 4 rocket kills (let me count the times Ive successfully grabbed heavy only to he immediately Nova Bombed). No one cares about playing the objective. No one cares about anchoring positions. Its just heavy and supers.

Iron Banner is pretty bad to begin with, but this Quest takes the cake.

...that makes it frustrating, because you're not playing your best -- you're trying to focus on getting a rocket, and then a kill (or a double if you're lucky,) rather than playing optimally and helping your team win.

If the step was get two kills, I could see incorporating that into a couple IB games that I'm going to be playing anyway. but ten is just a little too much.

This isn't the first time Bungie has had quest steps like this, and it used to make me sad that I was gimping my team and frustrated that I was progressing so slowly.

Not anymore -- now, I just turn off the sound, turn on Netflix, and go with the flow.

Truth, by the way, was the best RL for this particular step, I found.

Bungie are going to come back from Christmas to a lot of negative feedback - EDZ Obelisk still busted (locking players out of their seasonal questline), no new loot for Iron Banner, tokens lovked behind this quest, bad quest design (incompatible with gametype)

Speaking of negative feedback, there's a thread on Reddit right now with like 1.8k replies that articulates some of the concerns I've had with D2 in recent months, specifically how logging in with a million flashing icons (of things to do) would give me anxiety rather than make me relaxed and enjoy the game.

I've learned to ignore them and focus instead of what makes me happy with Destiny, which is playing with friends.

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