Destiny nowadays? also rantiness (Destiny)

by General Vagueness @, The Vault of Sass, Wednesday, April 01, 2020, 12:44 (64 days ago)

I haven't logged into Destiny 2 in quite a few months. I've meant to a few times but honestly just the prospect of waiting over 5 minutes is putting me off it, plus waiting between activities and a lack of momentum. How's the playerbase now, and what can I do if I only have the DLC up through Forsaken? Also are links broken or something or is the front page dead?
Side note on DLC: Bungie, I've given up buying Destiny DLC as it comes out. Even as I finally have money to buy all the content I want, I lack the time and energy to play it. Even if I did have that, it's rarely worth the cost, probably the only Destiny DLC that was actually worth it was Taken King (disclaimer: I haven't actually played Forsaken yet, I was looking forward to it as well as Shadowkeep). I'm not going to pay for an annual pass either because of time but also I just don't like that business model, so I won't support it. If you committed to one high-quality expansive DLC per year at no more than $40 (preferably no more than $30), I'd buy the shit out of that.
Side note on time: I recently got Overwatch and I love it. I hope you (Bungie) learned some things when you were cozy with Blizzard, because it's very quick to load the game, match times are generally better than Destiny or Halo, and being able to jump into a little "who cares" game immediately while waiting for the actual game I want is just a godsend. You can one-up them by always having FFA and Mayhem available. If that sounds too boring you can switch out the gametypes, have FFA deathmatch or the one where you pick up crests, have Mayhem deathmatch or Mayhem Control, etc. Also you had better bring back oddball, if you haven't already.
(no this isn't a joke, kinda disappointed there's no April Fool's stuff here)

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