Sigh... (Destiny)

by General Vagueness @, The Vault of Sass, Saturday, April 04, 2020, 15:14 (61 days ago) @ bluerunner
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What you're doing is the equivalent of showing up at a high school reunion and screaming at everybody over every slight you felt years ago. Move on. Let it go. Realize that people can mature. This is not productive for anybody, especially yourself.

He hasn't matured, he showed that, firstly by responding to me when he knows I don't like him, secondly by insulting someone within that response and thirdly... I can just tell from the fact his posting style hasn't changed, not just in that post but others. The one that comes to mind is a snarky post about being right after Wu said to stop arguing in the thread about paid access to content.
It's not like I'm not engaging with the forum, I posted in like 5 other threads and no one seems to care. I point out one asshole that some influential people like and even after one of them softly admits he's an asshole, it's somehow important, and for the wrong reasons. I was ready to move on, that's why I said "hope to see you online, good thing I left", but I'm obsessive and apparently some people thought this was important.
If you want normalcy you should engage me on other shit. But while you do that, please, examine who you're friends with.
Being an asshole to anyone, even if it's not you or your friends, is not OK. Yes you could say I did the same, I should have been more level headed and said something like "oh he's still here, that's unfortunate" and left it. I'm not sorry for calling him out, I've done it before on HBO and no one cared, as mentioned I let Wu and the others know about him, now it's just in a way and a place that people care.

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