The Last of Us Part 2 (Gaming)

by cheapLEY @, Friday, June 19, 2020, 09:11 (358 days ago) @ Korny

As Abby (not sure why Naughty Dog considers her name a spoiler, but whatever), you mean? Absolutely. That's the thing about Laura Bailey: They give her such BOOOOOOORING characters to play 99% of the time. But Naughty Dog clearly recognized talent when they cast her as Nadine in Uncharted 4, and they continue to give her acting some reach here. Just the things she does and the way you can somewhat understand why (the way her friends are the ragtag bunch of misfits of another tale that we'd probably be all-in for in any other scenario).

No, I meant Ellie, I just got the actor names mixed up. I haven’t really seen enough Abby to judge, I just finished her first segment and stopped. The snowball fight is what really impressed me with Ellie. The writing is really natural and the delivery of everything there was perfect. It was all very real and believable. I find myself being really impressed by the small stuff like that.

And JESUS, CAN SHE BRAWL. Slamming an infected on the ground before jumping on their head? Hoo boy...

Yeah, all the reviews have talked about the brutality of the game. I’ve only fought a few runners, but you can already see it. I do like the hand to hand in the game. Nothing very complex, but it feels good and tense. You playing on Hard or Survivor? I’m in Survivor, but I bumped my health down to hard. The difficulty customization in this game is really neat.

And to think Sammy's already caught up to us on Dying Light. :P

I’m totally in for Dying Light . . . next week sometime. (:

Yeah, we were just going to play for an hour or so, however long we thought the prologue would be... but man, four hours flew by so quick. I'm almost bummed that I made plans for Sunday.

I forgot that I also do have plans Sunday afternoon. I washed to keep playing last night but forced myself to quit.

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