Skill Up’s Beyond Light Review (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Tuesday, December 29, 2020, 17:13 (22 days ago)

I think this is well worth the fifty minutes to watch. He comes to Beyond Light after having skipped the past year, I think it’s an interesting perspective, and one he focuses on. Of particular note is that the game does nothing to sell why you should do any particular activity—it just assumes you should know why and have the desire already. It’s a game that is increasingly only for people that already play Destiny, and it’s more and more difficult to do so casually.

I agree with almost everything he says, but sort of disagree with his conclusion. His main point is that this is sort of a test of faith in Bungie, as this expansion is laying the foundation for the game moving forward. If this is what they give us with one hand tied behind their back, imagine what they can give us next year.

I honestly think that’s sort of a silly perspective, as that’s literally what we’ve been saying since basically day one. “If it wasn’t for [whatever bullshit], Bungie would knock this out of the park—they’ll get it next time!” It is absolutely time to accept that this is what Destiny is, for good and ill. Sometimes the game is great, sometimes it’s an awful, disrespectful grindy shitfest. Sometimes it’s both of those at the same time! That’s arguably fine, if you’re enjoying playing the game. But this hope that Bungie will definitely knock it out of the park next time and give us done revolutionary upgrade to the core experience of Destiny is absolutely delusional at this pint. Even The Taken King and Forsaken, while both incredible expansions, were ultimately just more Destiny with as many problems as solutions.

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