Skill Up’s Beyond Light Review (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Wednesday, December 30, 2020, 09:26 (21 days ago) @ cheapLEY

Some of his points were so compatible with my own that I wondered if we'd talked. (We haven't. ;) ) His description of the prism/shard economy, and what he does with his (or doesn't do with them) could have come from my brain. (I'm FINALLY starting to upgrade gear - but I've got a collection of resources that vastly outweighs his.)

I sort of DO agree with his final point - although I'd focus on a different aspect than you did. He made the point, all the way through the video, that Beyond Light, and Sunsetting, was more of a tear-down than a rebuild. All sorts of stuff was removed from the game - and he had legitimate complaints about how that happened (and what went, and what didn't). I saw his conclusion (that the future might be bright) based on the idea that once you've put this system into place, you should be able to add new and interesting stuff without worrying about power creep - which was a major promise from Bungie in the context of sunsetting, one that we mostly felt betrayed by this season. I think his point was that we're still in transition, and that promise WILL be realized in upcoming seasons.

Maybe that's a foolish hope - but I think it's feasible. I think we (the players) might have had the expectation that Bungie would at least show us a LITTLE of that promise out of the gate... and that they (Bungie) might have oversold that promise in a way that allowed us to have that expectation. That failure, though, doesn't negate the possibility that they can still come through - just a bit later than we expected.

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