So... No GM this week? (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Thursday, April 01, 2021, 22:00 (180 days ago) @ INSANEdrive

I was thinking about running a GM this week, but the options within the Clan right now are slim. It's You (Wu), Squid, Nico, and one other person who I don't think posts here but is in the clan are the only options right now (as all are 1325 or higher light).

I've been playing with another clan that focuses on endgame PvE content (interestingly, the connection is an old HBO denizen, but one who hasn't been around for years) - without a ringer (Nevin counts, I think), it's not gonna happen. 3 semi-experienced people are just not gonna cut it.

My last two runs have been like the one Nevin posted - three enter the challenge room, one finishes. Did one tonight where we got to the boss with 12 minutes on the clock (which means our 18 revives were only good for another 12 mins) - the two of us who died got nailed during the last wave of add spawns (the second pair of Unstoppables + little stuff). We died within a minute of each other, and then Hypnotic spent 20 minutes killing the two Unstoppables, then whittling down the boss (using the same strat Nevin used above). Slow, but safe.

The reason I say 3 semi-experienced people won't make it is because 'safe' is SUPER hard to judge unless you've done this a LOT. Knowing when to back off is key, and misjudging that is really easy at the GM level. It only takes one shot you weren't prepared for to finish you.

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