So... No GM this week? (Destiny)

by CruelLEGACEY @, Toronto, Friday, April 02, 2021, 16:53 (179 days ago) @ Claude Errera

Interesting... I just did a 2nd completion with a couple guys from my clan tonight, and the exact same thing happened to us as well. Upon triggering the 3rd and final damage phase, 2 of us died almost instantly, and the lone remaining player spend 10 minutes running back and forth through the tunnel, soloing the boss. I wonder how common this is? What’s the trick to getting everyone through that particular moment safely?

Care. I died in the last run because I got greedy. We were in that little depression next to the stage (right side, looking out), boss is in the middle, firing purple bolts and occasional fireballs at us. I'm whittling his health down with Anarchy; I'm using the thick barrier at the top of the depression, right next to the stage. I'd gotten into a rhythm - run to left side of barrier, fire two shots, back off from the immediate purple. Wait a sec, run up to right side, he's still firing left, two shots, he switches, back off. I got lulled into a false sense of security - he's always gonna be 1 second behind me!

I ran up to the left side and he was WAITING. The first purple shot hit me in the chest as I crested the hill, took 90% of my health. I immediately backed off, but he blasted the wall, and the splash damage killed me.

I watched him (from my death cam) do the same sort of switch-up to our last survivor - he'd fire to the side you came out of for a second or two, then move around to the other side... except every once in a while, when he'd actually follow you down to the tunnel and fire into it. THOSE moments were times to die. I'm pretty sure that in a few cases in that last 20 mins, the ONLY reason the last survivor remained on the field is because 3 sets of eyes were monitoring the 1v1 instead of the normal 1.

So both my successful runs, 2 people died as soon as we triggered the 3rd damage phase. As soon as that bubble went down, and the boss launched a wave of fireballs and a bunch of enemies come into the room, 2 of us got immediately crushed. Once that initial rush is over and the survivor is able to get into a rhythm going back and forth through the tunnel, it’s not too bad (although certainly still dangerous).

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