Ugh, no (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Friday, April 02, 2021, 14:42 (179 days ago) @ Chappy

Two crappy drops for two "double loot" completions:

Bottomless Grief/Thresh

You'd think adept weapons would be either a guaranteed drop (see trials), or contain a two perks to choose from.

I have exactly the same roll on the one I kept from my first run (Bottomless Grief/Thresh), but the barrel/mag choices make it pretty stable (Polygonal/Ricochet). I got better rolls last night, though I'm still holding out for a 'keeper' - Outlaw/High Impact Reserves and Overflow/Rangefinder. (The Rangefinder one also has Hammer Forged and Light Mag, and a Range masterwork, so it's pretty good on range... but could use a bit more stability. :) )

Those are decent rolls; add an adept Stability mod to the rangefinder roll (+10 Stability), and masterwork it (+3 on all stats) to see where it lands.

Just got an Overflow/High Impact Reserves with a great barrel/mag combo (Hammer Forged/Ricochet) and a Stability masterwork. With an Adept Range mod, it's 80 range, 80 stability - just tried it out in a crucible game (where I don't really have to worry about the Overflow and High Impact fighting against each other) and it felt FANTASTIC. It 3-taps in the bottom half of the mag, and it's a breeze to keep on target.

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