Ok. Lightfall Preview Hot-Take Time. (Destiny)

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With only this image as a vague hint, what am I thinking? Note, it's not one to one, and there would need to be some extrapolation, but it's a fair summery of the sea of words and thoughts and feelings and concerns that swirl as a maelstrom around me.


And hey! If you don't get it... uh... I have some typing to do.

(Or, if you want real hot takes, come chatter at me when I get on Destiny later.)

Attack of the Killer Monster Snow Goons (Destiny) - Robot Chickens

How interesting. As of posting, the only person not chicken enough to risk a guess is a Robot Chicken. You tell me how that works, I don't know.

Anywho, I've decided on Second Thought, that I do have a hot take (it just took longer to make). It continues from the quote above, to the quote right here below.

I’m convinced that licensing would sell out the soul of Calvin and Hobbes. The world of a comic strip is much more fragile than most people realize. Once you’ve given up its integrity, that’s it. I want to make sure that never happens.” ... "we ought to be asking, 'What justifies it?'"
- Bill Watterson

Now do you see what Calvin sees? It's what I see too. I watched Destiny "Jump the Shark" today.

I'm not even sure how to describe the emotion. Surreal uncanniness? Eh... but as I sat there with my occasional glances to the screen, I felt my heart... sink. My excitement fade. For a moment a lost all interest in all tasks, and just stopped to look at the screen, arms crossed and clenched close.

And before my eyes, in all its scream of life, and OheyLookAtAllTHisCOOLStuffBuyNow... I was watching the game I love, die.

Lightfall, indeed.

And while I say "die", it is not in the whole of the word, which I hope among the juxtaposition would be quite obvious. "Die" is simply the best description I can find at the moment. Can you see it? I know what it looks like if you bring no thoughts too it. Just glaze over the neon to the end of the world... well, then again, maybe they are on to something. ...Anyway, don't presume me to say that what we saw is awful. It's not. At Bungies current pace, I have no doubt the content will be amazing, and fun, and oh so cool, because it's a Bungie Game. At all else, fun is the goal. That's it. Quite simple.

It is still a Bungie game. It will still be fun. It will present all sorts of super cool... blah blah blah. But I watched Bungie lose or, maybe drop it's... HEH, identity, and I can't say I'm too surprised. Everything is everything Now, and so it's all a huge nothing. Same shit with different words.

For you to truly understand, you need to be witness (heh) at the whole of the Gaming Sphere. NO! Not even that... Modern Entertainment in general. Look at Movies and TV, with cross over this, and BIG EVENT that. Look at the Microtransactions in Halo: Master Chief Collection. Look at any sort of Microtransaction based phone game and their visual Slot Machine Antics. Look How EVERYONE is going Cyberpunk, the new WWII. I blame Millennials... actually no wait, that actually checks out here. 80's right? Look too, and actually this may be a fantastic overall metaphor... Look what happened to Assassins Creed. It went from Historical Accuracy to ... riding unicorns and fighting in the Greek underworld. Or something like that. And yeah, I hear it's been a blast to play, but... man. What

So basically what I mentioned in my thoughts on the Arc 3.0 Titan portion I put here with more bluntness: WHY IS THERE NO DISCIPLINE IN ANYTHING ANYMORE!!! With all our power, we've reduced ourselves to mere toddlers, oohing and ah-hing at every damnable flashing thing.

A giant, shiny, "gray" but rainbow ooze.

It's a beautiful nightmare "we have" collectively constricted, I'll give ya that much though.

I'm sure that Destiny: Hello There Fellow Kids...er, I mean, Destiny: Lightfall will be Great, should that word or any words at all have any meaning at all as we all coalesce into a galaxy of noise, all proclaiming a difference, while being all so the same. All. All. All. And nothing.

As for the rest, well it took them a (over?) a year but FINALLY we're getting Builds in-game, so that's cool. Kind of weary about their whole "person rank system" they are implementing, but I figure it's there to try and make the LFG experience not a total slot machine, so... we'll see. Nothing about Light System. Nothing about Collections a.k.a what should be the Real Vault. ... so my rants about those still seem to be ever present.


Whatever. I've rambled about this enough.

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