What have we learned? (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Tuesday, November 22, 2022, 13:59 (516 days ago) @ Korny

So all mishaps considered, our run last night was actually pretty smooth! I think our main issues were simply due to being rusty, and that we simply haven't settled on more specific roles and actions during the encounters.

Wish I'd been there!

I think juggling the corrupt poop would be a fine non-issue if we do the doordash strat, but we didn't really struggle with this bit either way. This is one of those "more Thundercrash= less issue" encounters, but that's a discussion for another day.

I can't remember who's on this team, but if there's anyone from the normal Wednesday night raid team, you should get the 'one scanner' strat down. It's by far the least stressful on 5/6 of the team.

Quit falling.

I'm guessing this is gonna be the hardest part. :(

Chaos strat seemed to work well. Our only deaths were from misreading the box locations. User error, should buff out nicely.

I think if specific people get assigned specific legs, we'd be able to work out the 4 bomb issue. Other than that, the 1-4 strat went smoothly.
Fooch and I are just too good at captain killing, we'll need to get worse.
Also, that Bubble placement that wiped half the team, lol.

Sort of surprised you DIDN'T have assigned legs. It makes the difference between success and maybe-success on almost every run. (Once the bombs start falling, it's really easy to just pick up what's next to you, if you don't have an assigned one... and this will ALMOST ALWAYS lead to problems. Also, there's a language difference (in the kill feed) between picking up a bomb on the ground, and taking one out of someone else's hands, but my experience is that almost nobody notices this; many failures just come down to someone THINKING they were picking up a bomb off the ground, but ACTUALLY taking a bomb off their teammate, and nobody noticing until it was too late.)

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