Gameinformer Lars Bakken Multiplayer Video (Destiny)

by Ragashingo ⌂ @, Official DBO Cryptarch, Monday, December 09, 2013, 13:08 (2877 days ago)
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Was about eight minutes mostly of Lars Bakken saying that they weren't ready to talk about things. A couple of key points were revealed though:

- Guardians have a dual health system of armor supplemented by a much smaller reserve of health with the health varying by class and presumably the amount of armor varying by what armor you are wearing. Other affects such as class specific skills (damage resistance while running was giving as an example) will also come into play.

- Voice chat in Destiny will be restricted exclusively to your Fireteam. Not just be default, but it sounded like this was a hard rule. If you want to talk to someone else you would need to use your platform's built in voice chat system, the 360 and PS4 were mentioned specifically.

Does this imply anything about cross platform play? In my view it discourages the idea that multiple platforms will be playing together since a 360 will never do voice chat with a PS4, but multiplatform play was not the topic at hand and it's tough to read anything into a couple of sentences...

- It was said that max Fireteam size will be six players with different game types having different sizes and the matchmaking system filling in extra players as needed like in Halo. Interestingly, if I heard right, you still don't get voice chat with those extra people. You still only communicate with your hand picked fireteam.

- Other things mentioned: possibility of weapon power scaling to make competitive multiplayer fair, in game (storyline based?) events that will strongly encourage players to look beyond multiplayer, and that Destiny will have a faster competitive multiplayer time to kill than Halo did (booo!)

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