Taming the monster they helped create (Destiny)

by Xenos @, Shores of Time, Tuesday, December 10, 2013, 18:51 (2685 days ago) @ electricpirate

Also, league of legends uses the ping system extensively.

I think the point is, these systems convey a different kind of information than verbal systems, and the complement more than replace. Non verbal systems are great for pointing out specific points, and grabbing attention, and asking for help. They are pretty lousy at high level strategy communications though.

And I don't necessarily disagree with you guys in a traditional competitive multiplayer setting, but talking about in general, especially when playing the story, having some guy run into the area cursing or yelling for no good reason can really jar you out of the experience. And since it is supposed to be a cohesive world even between cooperative and competitive I understand and agree with their decision to make it opt in instead of opt out.

Somewhat off topic, I am more curious how easy it'll be to get a group of friends playing a competitive match together. Is it going to be easy to gather X number of friends and play a friends vs. friends match? From the past games I expect it to be, but Destiny is such a different beast than Halo that I'm not sure what they're planning.

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