Taming the monster they helped create (Destiny)

by Kalamari @, Waiting for Ghorn, FB, and BH, Monday, December 09, 2013, 22:11 (2686 days ago) @ RC

In a multiplayer team game, where cooperation and strategy play a large part, team chat should at least be the default option. It's a benefit to your team when everyone is communicating, in my experience verbal communication is far more effective than non-verbal for most occasions.

I can see why Bungie would limit voice chat to fireteam-only while out adventuring in the world, because your fireteam is just doing it's own thing. But I don't see the point of it for competitive multiplayer. Not even for story-related technology reasons.

I wonder what affect this will have on competitive multiplayer, if new players going solo don't hear other players communicating, they may believe that voice chat is not recommended/possible since it isn't automatic.

This design move will severely hinder voice communication during competitive multiplayer solely because of the difficulty of getting randoms to accept party chat requests. Not only is entering/exiting party chat a hassle, but it's fairly unreliable as well, creating an even greater impediment to communication. It would be far more efficient to give players a variety of options for game chat muting.

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