I can see it now… (Destiny)

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You are wondering the traverse of your favorite world, where you know of virtually every rock and tree and sound and sight. Your pockets are filled with the spoils of many recent victories and you are on your way towards your ship and home using the path you have used many times before.

And then you realize – something is odd.

It’s as if there is no sound. The waters seem hushed and the heat of the night seems to make the colors stale. The wind is calm. You pause for a moment checking the distance for as far as the sky will let you, and see nothing but what you know with experience – that still something is odd. You check your gear – is that what is making you uneasy? – is Your Bad Day loaded? Yep.

You look around one last time – just you and your shadow. Wait! – Where is your Sha-


You are flung back - hard and fast. Your glimmer scatters around as you roll but are yet able to regain your footing as a sound such as teeth and porcelain gnaws at your nerves and boils your blood, even adding the neighborhood dogs howl in response to the chorus.

Standing before you sucks color for sound and emotes anger at your sight – *Gasp* “The Darkness!!”

You respond with your own personal reply – nothing says hello and goodbye like a Super.


It evaporates as it disintegrates backwards.

“It’s not going to be that easy” you say to yourself as you cock Your Bad Day, ready to fight for your life and your loo – Hey!? Where’s the loot that got dropped!!!? Then you see it –it is being eaten by darkness – glimmering no more.

"-uck. This."

You unload – its void based properties returning them to theirs. A sound of experience is only warning you have to dodging out of instinct as you note your flank being filled by the darkness. You are being surrounded.
You ARE Surrounded. RAAAWAR!! Your yell in the moment – if they are going to get me I’m taking as much as I can with me!

Darkness doesn't kill it – just smothers you in till you want to – and this is not how it’s supposed to end. This will not be my Destiny.

*Click* *Click*

I wonder how effective good- ol’ fashioned fists work. You raise your fists at the ready.


Apparently - pretty good.

Three Sparrows zoom by as two unrelated Warlocks unload their Supers in unison.
Another comes from seemingly nowhere and with the wave of is hand emits a large glowing light – healing you of your battle.

Without a word – Two Titans only known as “The Grim” let loose a wave of ammo from a high point, distracting the straggling darkness, as two Hunters teleport behind with Golden gun and White Knife in hand. The speed of the slaughter – the coordination of the attack – all only matched by the unrelenting nature of the Darkness as it tries to regain its hold of battle. Just as it has a chance it is pushed back and pelted with variety of ammo, and varieties of skill.

It zeros in onto the Grims – too much. Two Fists of Havoc (or would that be four?) ends with peace.

This battle – as simple as it was – is won.

“Wow - you all came out in the nick of time” says the Guardian, picking up the old loot lost and new loot found.

Who are you? Who is it I am thanking this day?

“We are DBO” say they as they zoom off into the morning sunrise.

This is Destiny.

/Drop Mic.


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