Interesting article in Forbes about matchmaking (Destiny)

by Schedonnardus, Texas, Monday, June 01, 2015, 19:22 (2147 days ago) @ Vortech

also, tell me what my friends are doing when i "mouse-over" their names.

right now it either says "online" or "online playing destiny"

if their bar is black, then i know that they are doing something else

if their bar has their emblem, then i already know that they are playing destiny

have the mouse-over show me what they are doing in destiny and X/Y players (2/3, 4/6, etc). Then if i want to see who all is in the party, or if i want to join them, then i can click on them.

Having to click on every single person in my friend's list all the time just to see what they are doing is annoying.

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