LFG & having a coffee before the date. (Destiny)

by dogcow @, Hiding from Bob, in the vent core., Monday, June 01, 2015, 21:03 (2147 days ago) @ Slothboy

Now, let's contrast that to the matchmaking activities that DO exist in destiny. Jump into the weekly strike. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Sweet. Enjoy your 9 strange coins.

Did you talk to the other two players that you were paired up with? Joke around? Share strategies? Send a friend request?

If they did add something I would suggest a new social space, with proximity voice enabled, where people can form up into teams. That would be much better than folks spamming me with messages when I go to the tower. But as it is it isn't that hard to find a team and it creates a far more social experience than matchmaking.

The number of times I've talked to someone else on a matchmade fireteam is equal to the number of thumbs I have (and if you play with me you might believe that to be somewhere around 10). The number of times it was an enjoyable experience? Once. The unenjoyable time was out of desperation to try & eek out a win in IB, we didn't win. Add to that the fact that the guy had an abrasive personality & an impolite gamertag and I wish I had kept my mouth shut. I just did not enjoy coordinating with Mr. Male Anatomy (or whatever his name was).

So, I would welcome some sort of LFG system built into the game, but it needs to allow me the ability to "have coffee with" potential teammates before actually teaming up with them and finding out that I don't really want to be on a date... er fireteam with them all evening. Also, it has to take more than just pushing a button to be dropped into a matchmaking hopper. Nobody will want to talk if that's all it is, and voice comm is oh so very NECESSARY for a fun and successful raid.

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